Medical Brain:  connecting patients and providers directly with complete, up-to-date information for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Everytime.



Always “on call” as your personal health assistant, 24/7.
No appointments. No referrals. No co-payments.
User friendly mobile app available through your provider or employer

By performing high-precision continuous monitoring of your health status on a 24/7 basis, the Medical Brain®:

  • Quickly identifies any risks in health status
  • Guides patients to take necessary actions based on best
    practice protocols and recognized guidelines
  • Facilitates communication with the coordinated care team
  • Provides patients with an updated Medical SummaryTM with the most relevant
    information to share with providers anywhere in the world for safe,
    accurate medical care

The Medical Brain helps:

  • Prevent health deterioration
  • Coordinate providers and support team on the patient’s  behalf
  • Remove the guesswork, and keep control in the patient’s hands


Medical Brain® aggregates and analyzes all patient information, including free-text, to help providers efficiently identify risks, manage chronic disease care, and coordinate action in real time.
  • Prioritizes and coordinates care for patients to address harmful gaps, delays and errors
  • Embeds clinical protocols to reduce variation for exacting quality and compliance
  • Helps practices achieve financial and clinical quality goals in value-based care programs
  • Delivers precise information to the provider without the need to hunt through complex health records
  • Promotes patient satisfaction and loyalty by connecting providers directly with patients
  • Amplifies provider capacity to manage larger patient panels with a high level of precision

With its revolutionary Intelligent Medical Summary™ technology, Medical Brain provides  real-time, precise information at the point of care

Hospitals & Health Systems

Medical Brain® is an essential tool for standardizing care, reducing network leakage, avoiding unnecessary costs, and delivering high-quality outcomes. 

The Medical Brain:

  • Embeds care protocols into provider workflows to ensure standardization of care
  • Enables quality and financial performance for incentive or risk-sharing programs
  • Amplifies clinician capacity, expanding coverage and ratios
  • Promotes provider loyalty with efficient communication and documentation
  • Drives patient loyalty and volume with precise, personalized care that satisfies their
    specific needs
With its efficient processes the Medical Brain makes comprehensive information more accessible to providers for rapid interpretation and timely action.

Family Members

​Medical Brain provides valuable insight and real-time alerts about the health status of loved ones living both near and far.
  • Guides family members to take action on behalf of loved ones
  • Assists family members with promoting adherence with treatment plans
  • Delivers peace of mind by coordinating all stakeholders for gap-free healthcare
  • Provides medical monitoring and guidance for the patient and their loved ones
With the Medical Brain, family members can stay informed about the health status of loved ones and receive proactive guidance for actions needed to maintain better health.

Care Management

Medical Brain aggregates and analyzes all patient information, identifying risks and prioritizing care management activities.

With its 24/7 accurate monitoring of each patient, the Medical Brain:

  • Identifies clinical and behavioral risk and coordinates action to prevent problems
  • Embeds protocols to reduce variation and enable compliance
  • Coordinates all stakeholders for gap-free healthcare
  • Delivers information and guidance for best outcomes and efficient care management
  • Expands capacity for managing larger patient volumes
With the Medical Brain, care coordinators manage a large patient population, with greater effectiveness and still give individualized care to each member.


Medical Brain® helps health plans stay connected with members and deliver the best outcomes in the most cost-efficient manner.
  • Monitors all members for health deterioration, gaps and errors in care
  • Prioritizes early intervention to prevent problems from developing into expensive, disruptive events
  • Standardizes care and reduces variability with protocol-driven decision support for clinicians
  • Drives improved outcomes for value-based care initiatives and shared risk programs
  • Enhances member satisfaction and loyalty with personalized, precise care


With its 24/7 accurate monitoring of each employee, the Medical Brain® reduces spending on avoidable medical costs while maintaining good health and high productivity for employees.
  • Monitors employee health risks continuously to identify health deterioration, gaps and
    errors in care
  • Coordinates proactive interventions to prevent rising risk from becoming costly
    health conditions
  • Connects health plans to patients and providers for early intervention when needed
  • Drives efficiency and quality outcomes while prioritizing resource utilization
  • Creates trust and confidence among employees
  • Supports a healthier, happier company culture

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

​By connecting clinicians and patients for precision-guided care coordination,
the Medical Brain helps ACOs achieve their clinical and financial goals to earn incentives.
  • Communicates with patients and caregivers on demand to increase patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Identifies health risks and gaps in care before they become costly conditions
  • Coordinates provider and patient actions in real time for seamless collaboration
  • Improves quality and safety while driving efficient resource utilization
  • Includes customizable options to help each ACO address their most pressing priorities, from reducing readmissions to improving patient satisfaction
“Enhancing ACO performance through care coordination and patient satisfaction”

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