The Medical Brain AI Clinical Assistant is Helping Patients Optimize Their Health At Home

The Medical Brain AI Clinical Assistant is Helping Patients Optimize Their Health At Home

healthPrecision and Atlantic Health System Partner to Provide the Medical Brain AI Clinical Assistant to Atlantic Visiting Nurse and Transition of Care Patients and Clinicians

New York, NY – healthPrecision is delighted to announce its partnership with Atlantic Health System’s Visiting Nurse and Transition of Care programs to provide the Medical Brain AI clinical assistant to its clinicians and patients for 24/7 real-time care in the home.
This partnership builds on our successful collaboration with Atlantic Health’s two ACOs – Optimus Health Partners and Atlantic ACO, which provides the Medical Brain to clinicians and patients for 24/7 monitoring and patient-centric decision support. With the Medical Brain, patient risk is detected early for immediate corrective action, improving disease control at home while reducing provider follow-up tasks by 92%.

Advancing Home Care and TOC with the Medical Brain

The Medical Brain will be used to automate data integration and analysis, patient monitoring and risk health risk detection, patient communication, and care orchestration with the aim of reducing hospitalizations, readmissions, and unnecessary ED visits to reduce total cost of care. With the Medical Brain patients are engaged 24/7 through the smart phone app which uses naturalistic conversation to converse anytime, anywhere. This always on connectivity provides patients with proactive and immediately responsive interactions so they are never left alone. It helps them connect with providers when needed for immediate intervention, improving their confidence and satisfaction with care.
The Medical Brain is designed to streamline home care and transitions of care, ensuring patients are supported throughout their care journey, screening for SDOH, fall risk, depression and pain while also identifying a declining trend in the patient’s condition or a gap or delay in care. The Medical Brain automatically communicates with the patient, answering questions, responding to their symptoms and complaints, monitoring medication adherence and disease self-care and educating them to ensure understanding and compliance.
The Medical Brain integrates with EPIC and seamlessly optimizes the providers workflow handling a major portion of patient communication and follow-up activities, so care is immediate, and providers are unburdened to expand their capacity for other priorities.

Setting New Standards in 24/7 Whole Person Care at Home

The Medical Brain is setting a new standard with 24/7 whole person care in the home, eliminating many barriers to care for those transitioning from the hospital and those in a home care situation. With the Medical Brain they are never left alone and have instant access to personalized, high-precision patient centric decision support. The Medical Brain has a complete knowledge of their history and current situation, always updated for contextual conversation and care orchestration.

Our Dedication to Healthcare Excellence

healthPrecision and Medical Brain are dedicated to this expanded partnership with Atlantic Health, underscoring our shared goal of improving healthcare delivery through cutting-edge technology. We are excited to continue this journey, confident that it will bring forth new levels of healthcare efficiency, patient outcomes, and overall satisfaction.