One Health and healthPrecision Announce a Partnership to Deliver Modern Primary Care Powered by the Medical Brain AI Clinical Assistant to 100,000 Patients

One Health and healthPrecision Announce a Partnership to Deliver Modern Primary Care Powered by the Medical Brain AI Clinical Assistant to 100,000 Patients

One Health and healthPrecision Partnership Announcement

One Health and healthPrecision Announce Strategic Partnership

Charlotte, NC (June 18, 2024) – One Health, a rapidly growing independent primary care provider group, and healthPrecision are excited to announce a strategic partnership to deliver Modern Primary Care by providing the Medical Brain AI Clinical Assistant to their growing number of patients and providers.

The partnership between One Health and healthPrecision facilitates a fundamental shift to a new model of care, Modern Primary Care. Medical Brain AI Clinical Assistant is a critical component of Modern Primary Care, automating care in real-time with patient-centric clinical decision support and real-time care orchestration. The Medical Brain will be helping hundreds of providers, and their patients shift to the Modern Primary Care delivery platform, achieving better outcomes at lower total cost of care while minimizing burden on providers and enabling patients’ immediate access to care, 24/7.

“In a time where AI is being developed in healthcare, we felt it paramount to find a collaborative partner to ensure AI is integrated into our care delivery system in the right way. Together with the Medical Brain, we’re aligned in our collective vision to redefine healthcare as we know it today,”

– One Health Co-CEO David Cook, MD.

“We’re confident that Modern Primary Care will restore the joy of medicine for providers by ensuring they can focus on connecting with and providing the highest quality of care for patients,”

– Ehab Sharawy, MD, Co-CEO of One Health.

“Our mission and vision at healthPrecision come alive with every patient that uses the Medical Brain. By providing 24/7 assistance and attention, we ensure they receive the care and support they need, whenever they need it,”

– Sonia Ben-Yehuda, Co-Founder and President.

“At healthPrecision, our mission is to harness the power of AI to transform healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes. We’re thrilled to partner with One Health, a visionary organization that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence in care,”

– Eyal Ephrat, MD, CEO and Co-Founder of healthPrecision.

About One Health

One Health is a leading physician alignment company dedicated to ensuring the patient-provider relationship is at the center of care, through an innovative Modern Primary Care platform which improves outcomes, quality of life, and provider experiences while reducing total cost of care. One Health has 30 locations across Charlotte and Winston-Salem, NC; and is rapidly expanding nationally.

About healthPrecision

HealthPrecision specializes in advanced AI-powered clinical decision support. Its Medical Brain AI Platform empowers providers and patients with real-time, 24/7, high-precision care that improves outcomes at lower costs and streamlines provider workflow for greater efficiency and satisfaction. We’re dedicated to helping health systems, provider groups, and ACOs succeed in value-based care. With our patient-centric approach and a team of clinicians and AI, machine learning, and data science experts, healthPrecision is at the forefront of the AI revolution in health care.


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